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About KGB Reserve

A Latin and woman-owned equity brand, KGB Reserve is

Co-Founded by Mike and Derrick. They met in 2011 during a cannabis conversation in Oakland California where the two friends operate their distribution and manufacturing companies today. Collectively they draw upon their 45-plus years of cannabis experience, knowledge, and friendships to serve as the foundation of our brand. With a select team of cannabis professionals, connoisseurs, and straight-up enthusiasts we create a truly memorable cannabis experience. As a luxury cannabis brand that sources all of our ingredients, KGB Reserve has one main focus: the consumer experience. KGB is an acronym for Killer Green Bud, a piece of cannabis slang from our high school years and the main ingredient for our artisanal products. Hand-crafted, small batch production illustrates our commitment to a standard of excellence in every product we produce. Our promise is super­ premium, top shelf, whole flower as the main ingredient every single time.

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