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KGB Primo infused pre rolls

KGB Reserve Primo

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1.3 grams of the same goodness offered by our original Torpedo: whole, premium flower, diamond sauce, delicious distillate and pure trichome kief. The addition of full spectrum bubble hash makes this artisanal, small batch experience unique and memorable. It's the cooler, more experienced cousin of the Torpedo.

KGB Reserve Torpedo

Four is the number of completion, connecting mind, body and soul to the physical world. KGB Reserve begins with four standalone ingredients to create a deliciously indulgent experience. Hand rolled “Killer Green Bud” infused with a special blend of pure cannabis oil mixed with a dollop of the finest diamond sauce; finished with a light dusting of locally sourced kief.

Orange and blue butterfly icon to represent KGB Torpedo brand line
KGB Torpedo infused preroll
KGB reserve Killer Green Bud line

KGB Reserve Killer Green Bud

purple and green jaguar  icon to represent KGB killer green bud brand line

A full gram of super premium, whole flower, ground to perfection for an even burn. Hand twisted tips create an artisanal feel and memorable smoking experience.

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This little bundle of joy is packed with a half gram of super premium flower, hand painted with distillate and diamond sauce, then swaddled with a light dusting of top shelf kief. Bambino comes in a 5-pack and is in the process of getting a packaging make-over. 

5 Pack & Single 

Bambino Set
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